The works of Ricardo Copado depict fantasy worlds where nature enters a magical dimension that incorporates elements from both reality and the surreal world that exists only within his imagination. His work is influenced by culture, music, and the natural environment.

My artwork is influenced by nature and the enviroment around me. Often, I become fascinated and intrigued by objects or elements in my surroundings. As I think about these elements in depth, they get incorporated into my subconscious and imagination until they ultimately appear in my art. What appears is the element transformed in a surreal way that is influenced by what is happening in my life and the world around me. It is difficult to separate the feelings, emotions and challenges I am going through from the art I create. Therefore, when I create a piece of art, it often depicts an ongoing theme, or inspiration that is ruminating inside of me at that time. Although I create my artwork as a form of self expression, the viewer can often relate what they are seeing in my work to common themes in their own life.

leaving my homeland to start a new life in an unfamiliar land is a theme that has been influencing my life for the last several years. Moving from Mexico to Canada has affected and changed me in a profound way. Most recently, my art has been inspired by the scenery, wildlife, traditions, legends, history, and places in Canada while still maintaining a connection to the mexican roots that nutured and boosted my creativity for so many years. As a result, my work is a fusion of both Canadian and Mexican influences with themes related to migration, home, change, adaptation, renewal, sense of place, and finding comfort wherever one may be. Ultimately, my art speaks to hope, inspiration, and perseverance amidst challenges related to change and adaptation to new or unforseen circumstances.