Ricardo was born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1979. He is primarily a painter but has also worked in the areas of theatre set design and art conservation. Copado attended the University of Guadalajara where he completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degre in 2003 and a Post Graduate Studies Program in Museology and Conservation in 2014. His works have appeared in several Mexican venues such as the University of Guadalajara Fine Arts Museum, Lopez Portillo Museum, El Refugio Cultural Centre, Fine Arts and Science Centre, Museo del Mariachi, Jorge Martinez Gallery, Guadalajara Arts and Culture Forum, Chapalita Cultural Centre, Colecion de Arte Grupo Reforma, and the National Museum of Ceramics. Since arriving in Canada, Copado has exhibited his work in numerous venues such as the Visual Arts Association Alberta Gallery, Visual Arts Studio Association Gallery (VASA), Gallery at Milner, Old Strathcona Centre for the Performing Arts, Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove, and Muttart Conservatory. His work has also appeared in printed publications such as Alternative Trends and Notebook Magazines. Ricardo's paintings appear in the private collections of collectors in Canada, France, The United States, and Mexico. One of his works was selected to be part of the Melcor Collection in Alberta, Canada and in 2020 his latest mural project will be unveiled at the Stanley A. Milner Library in the Downtown Edmonton Arts District.